About this site

About this site

This is the official website of Research & Industry-Academia Collaboration Head Office, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Japan.

This site provides educational and research information of the researchers who belong to NIT. In addition, it offers information such as research seeds, remarkable researches and successful cases of industry-academia collaboration, which are useful for industry-academia collaboration and intellectual property activities of NIT.

The information of the NIT researchers in this site is based on those registered in ReaD&Researchmap (R&R). R&R is managed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and NIT has permission from JST for reproducing the information. The information is restricted to the NIT researchers and other information than NIT is not provided. Please refer to FAQ of R&R or contact the R&R office for inquiry about R&R.

Link policy
You do not have to ask permission to link directly to pages hosted on this site. However, NIT is not responsible for trouble or compensation caused by the links.

We reserve the right to refuse links from websites that we deem unsuitable including the following:
- The websites in which our pages are loaded into frames.
- The websites that promote or are likely to promote illegal activities.
- The websites that provide information against social ethics.

You can use the following link banner, provided that its aspect ratio is not changed.